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Tea Tips is a weekly 3 minute video podcast hosted by Dr. Tea. Join us every week as Dr. Tea explains the different varieties of tea, the health benefits of tea, and lets you in on age old secrets of the world of Tea!

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The Ultimate Tea Diet

Dr. Tea's book "The Ultimate Tea Diet" is available now at Amazon, and your local Barnes & Noble and Border's bookstores. 

Dr. Tea's Tea Garden

If you want to get any of Dr. Tea's special teas, come down to his tea shop located at 8612 Melrose Ave. West Hollywood, CA 90069.


Store Location 

8612 Melrose Ave.
(Formerly Elixir)
West Hollywood, CA 90069



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03/11/2009 23:14

Vote for Dr. Tea

The 2009 Tea Expo has once again nominated one of Dr. Tea's fantastic teas for the Top Tea Cocktail. Help Dr. Tea win by voting for the Tea-na Colada at:  

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02/03/2009 17:04

Dr. Tea's post at The Huffington Post

 Brewing The Perfect Pot of Tea

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01/19/2009 12:56

Dr. Tea interviewed on Mahalo Daily

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01/10/2009 00:34

Nominate Tea Tips for the Streamys

If you love Tea Tips as much as we do, please nominate the show for the Streamy Awards by clicking on the above link and nominating us for the "Best Hosted Web Series." Thanks!

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06/30/2008 02:57

Music Composer

A special thanks goes out to Terry Cano who composed the new Tea Tips theme. Thanks Terry! You can find out more about Terry's work on his MySpace page: https://www.myspace.com/terrycano

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